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What does Le Petite Sofa Lounge provide?

We are a SPA, SALON, CAFÉ AND PARTY PALACE. We provide parties, individual packages, salon services, events, classes in etiquette and baking, summer/spring camp.

Is the Spa opened every day?

YES, we do open every day

school days from12-8 PM and in the weekends and vacations from 2-10 PM


What are the ages we accept?

girls between the ages of 2 to 14 years old.

What are the phone office hours of operation?

Our phone hours of operation are the same time of our opening hours

Please call us at 00966581359996 We are delighted to hear from you. In the event we do not answer please leave a message including type of service you would like, date and time, and we will call you back

or you can email us at

Can I visit your location for a walk thru?

Absolutely! Please schedule an appointment by calling us. We will gladly show you our lounge and services.

What are the prices for the packages and the parties?

For the prices and more details kindly contact us.

How do I book for my little girl?

By visiting us or Please call us or send a message to book the date/ time and the service you would like and we require a 50% deposit to hold the date and time which is NON REFUNDABLE.

If I have a party of less than 12 girls will the package price be reduced?

No, party packages are not prorated. If less than 12 girls, we do offer individual packages and services

Is there a refund in case we cancel our reservation ?

No. Unfortunately there is NO refund but we will keep it as a credit for 2 months’ maximum

If guest arrive late will event begin without them?

Yes, if guest arrive late we will have to begin celebration without them due to limited time of event. There are other birthday celebrations taking place on the same date, and to accommodate the next event we must begin your celebration at the specific time schedule on your contract.

If a child does NOT show up to a party, do I still pay for that child?

YES, if the child does NOT show up you will still have to pay for that child.

A LE PETITE SOFA employee will call you a 2 days before the party date for a final head count.

How early can guest arrive?

Please arrive on time. No early entry is permitted. Please make sure guest parent(s) are respectful of time.

It is imperative that everyone arrives on time so we can provide the finest experience for every guest

Do you provide any photo services?

YES, we do provide this service with some of our packages but if you wish to take professional pictures we can arrange for you this service with a specialized photographer but with a notice at least 4 days’ prior your reservation

Can I take pictures for my little girl?

Taking pictures with your phone is allowed but we don’t allow any kind of cameras to be used or enter

Is the mother or any siblings allowed to enter with the guest girl ?

Mothers are welcome all the time with no charge

other adult relatives if 1 free of charge but if more minimum of 50 SR charge for each

toddlers: less than 2 y free of charge

child: 2y and above 150 SR include staying at the dolls area *2HOURS with a cup cake

nannies and maids: 50 SR charge

Can I add additional services to my package or party ?

Yes, you can add any additional services but with a notice at least 2 days prior to your reservations

Can the mothers stay with their girls inside the spa?

We provide a lovely mothers waiting area where you can have a cup of coffee while your princess is pamperedwhile so that we can provide the finest luxury experience. and Our staff will take care of her beside We designed our rooms with a large glass windows so you can observe your little

What elements and products do you use?

We use 100% Non-toxic products. Children safety is our concern. We understand children have sensitive skin therefore we use non-toxic products from nail polish to make up

What sanitary precautions do you take for every party?

Safety first! All dresses, shoes and slippers are sanitized with special safety solutions... All hair combs and pedicure tubs are sanitized for every party or service appointment. Disposable make up applicators are used to eliminate any bacteria or infections. Le Petite Sofa lounge reserves the right to refuse service to any guest who is experiencing poor hygienic matters. Examples are infestation of head lice, other diseases of the scalp that are spread in a similar manner, etc.

Are you an actual full service spa?

No, our services are for entertainment purposes only. Our staff is trained by professionals but are not licensed cosmetologists. We do not use any tools or cut cuticles/nails

Do you provide haircut?

NO, unfortunately we have a lot of other services but no haircut

Do you allow bringing food, drinks or snacks inside the lounge?

  • Food and drinks are not allowed inside the lounge and we do have a café area were you can order some drinks and snacks
  • Only in the parties we allow entrance of light snacks but no hot or cold beverages,

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