Le Petit Sofa Facilities

Enjoy all our facilities

Princess spa and salon

Your little princess will enjoy a unique experience full of care and attention to every aspect of her beauty.

Cinderella‘s Fabulous Carriage

A unique experience in the world of fairytales and dreams and having an amazing photo of that moment.

PrincessLounge and


Your little princess will enjoy a cup of evening tea while sitting with her friends ,as it is in the world of adults. she can also host her own special tea party.

Fashion Hall

Our young princess will choose whatever suits her in fashion and accessories to live the experience of little princesses through dancing and walking down the catwalk.

Dolls House

Here, your princess will be in her little world and enjoy playing with dolls.

Princess Bakery

where joy and benefit come together in a creative and innovative experience through making delicious dishes and beverages.

Inspiration and Motivation Hall

Where your little one will be prepped to become a sophisticated lady in society through workshops.

Activity Hall

We have specialized an area for physical activity , stories and theater ,and many other fun activities.

Mother‘s Hall

you will be able to wait for your princess while enjoying a cup of coffee and reading a book . you can meet other amzing mothers
like yourself.